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Isaac Pike
April 11, 2020

Was greeted by a devastatingly handsome young gent called Hamish. He located the Knorr Stockpots for me, and he even went on to describe a dish that he described as a : 'very simple, very quick and very delicious' that I must try with these. What an enthusiastic young man. I will definitely return because of Hamish.

August 19, 2019

Wow. Just wow! I haven't had enough time to process my experiences here. It was beyond belief. Thank you so much for everything.

Abdi Ali
January 28, 2019

Regular staff are pleasant enough but the senior staff (supervisors/managers) are rubbish. On one occasion, I went to buy a few essentials one of which was a loaf of bread. They had two shelves full of my particular brand all had the next day as best before date and it was late in the evening. As I was getting served I pointed this out to the assistant and asked if I could have it at a reduced price. He quite rightly went to ask his superior. A mixed race young man who I presumed to be the supervisor appears and the situation was explained. I used to be a supervisor in a Tesco garage and it was standard practice to reduce perishables as they approached expirey date. This individual failed to see that simple logic despite having two layered shelf full of them with closing time approaching and point blank said NO!!!☹️ I decided not buy any of the other items and went to nearby sainsbury who had the same brand bread with 5 day shelf life left. This other occasion, I went to this particular store to get a refund for items bought with my online groceries as I was told over the phone to take it to any Tesco. Again, senior staff were called and this young Eastern European female tells me they won’t refund me at this store as they don’t stock those particular items. Again not true as I remember from my Tesco training. She should’ve taken them back whether or not they stock it in that store. I went to another nearby Tesco who had no problem doing the refund.

Lady Liberty
July 20, 2019

I came the day before my hen nite to buy some things and I bought: mini cocktail sausages. I eat them with my friends. sadly the marriage was cancelled but lots of goods and prices ok. I think I had a KitKat from there? I think so.

Alex Hill Films
August 14, 2019

Best Tesco in the country, no comparison.

Tesco Express

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