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vicky trebilcock
October 05, 2020

We are not yet at the end of our house move process, but already we would highly recommend Capstone Solicitors. We have been dealing with Rob and he has been responsive and helpful for our never ending questions! He has kept us up to date with progress for both the sale of our current house and the purchase of our new house. We wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Jennifer Polis
September 23, 2020

Spacious parking Good selection of fresh produce Friendly and helpful staff

Allan Spencer
July 29, 2019

We have used Capstones three times over the past three years; twice for different property/land sales and once for a purchase. Through each process Capstones were always helpful and informative providing the highest level of professional service throughout. 'Buying and selling' is always cluttered with 'lumps and bumps' but Capstones did everything to smooth things out without fuss or drama. Excellent service. Thank you.

David Moore
August 21, 2019

Edit, more orderly, after Reply by Capstone Owner/Boss: My Review is quite justified and I am now seeking a 3rd party to talk sense in this. The owner Rob deemed the business I had with them was too long ago. But that is much the whole point re: the communication! in this business....and not solely with one employee. Untrue. I sought to talk, chat a bit to try and give my amiable concerns feedback & understand! from Rob Owner's side. I will hope still, after 3rd party talk, to be able to report that the owner/boss is able to humbly learn, seeks a truly sensible approach and can talk with any outsider customer friends for his business, who are truly trying to help him and them, & will seek to ensure that standards are kept high, as it seems others have experienced: proper good high standard service for all. The 5 star reviews, do not match up with what I or our family have experienced. And I we have! had such, - the Owner is diverting from relevant, business over recent years, truth! -, and not a mere personal relationship with one of their employees. That is a misleading diversion from the reason of my Review. Correspondence was truly substandard I believe and will anew trust the Owner, Rob, checks this out with all! his staff to ensure! such is truly not so, days ahead. And not just one employee, but each too!, one and all!,... keeping his good/ high standards of expectation, properly helpful and respectful! communication. Because I am noone of any weight in society, I believe possibly so, or why ever so, I have I believe been, truly out of order, disrespectfully treated. And it has carried on! over the last few years so, no change in essence. The owner might deny this, by words to put me down!, silence, by public reply... but impartial outside checks would not! agree if he does so, I believe. I do not! accept that things have been dealt with as they should have been, no!! In the business sought, and have! had to do with them, and in relating to them in general. Some checks, and at least a seed of possible errors & apology due. And this is a supportable caring concern for slight proper but important quality check. Particularly in patient and truly respectful, sufficient, speedy enough, and caring for the outsider who does not understand legal protocols etc. I hope to be able to remove this review, because we all can slip up... but I am sorry that I believe I need to helpfully put this pressure on Capstone, (& the response to my initial Review has only upheld this belief.)... to be sure that such things are not onwards happening to others now. We have moved as a family our business elsewhere, now 2019, after a few years of awkwardness & repeated bad feeling and no apology nor anything else. One or more of the secretaries I believe was repeatedly rude and high and mighty in words over the phone. And the ways of communicating caused onwards bad feeling and in matters of their business!! not my personal relating with one employee only. Untrue. But I hope that they can say Sorry now for anything such like..and get on with the really good stuff as the other clients seem to have very much had...and simply improve well, a good little dose so. - When interviewed for jobs we are told to be happy to admit our weaknesses, and to be open to work on them. All the very best to the good Capstone Practice!! friends there. No ill feelings, but reality and apologies as are truly due, please. Best regards. David Moore, Bristol, a 50+ yr old local of good local testimony, Westbury-on-Trym and wider, Bristol. University of Bristol worker in the last decade and remain an associate with one of their Emeritus staff.

Andrew Kirkham
July 26, 2018

Matt at Capstone drew up our wills. He was kind and considerate and guided us expertly through the process, clearly explaining every point. We not hesitate to recommend him.

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